I use Social Media from time to time and work with with Virtualization gurus as well. So, I thought, why not do a comparison between what we do with Virtual servers here at ipHouse and what many people do with Social Media. There are some interesting points between Virtualization and Social Media that allow for a sweet comparison.

Both Virtualization and Social Media dive from the physical into the abstract virtual world but from the outside looking in, still appear like solid things. This comes to light when one compares splitting a Physical machine into several Virtual machines, which is similar to the comparison of two people speaking face to face or just Facebook wall to Facebook wall.

I have compiled some other similarities below:

Influence – Social Media technologies provide scale and makes it possible for anyone to reach a global audience. A virtual server allows you to scale from anywhere in the world from your laptop.

Approachability – The production of traditional media is usually owned privately or by the government but, social media tools are generally available to anyone at little or no cost. Traditional media could also be compared to owning your own server and managing that server.  A managed virtual server opens up a whole new world to someone who was not all that tech savvy to begin with.

Function – Traditional media typically requires specialized skills and training; most social media does not (but, it is nice to know a little). Instead of acquiring the facilities to house and manage a bunch of servers, one can have a system administrator manage your virtual server and then as a business, you only have to worry about content and your day to day life.

Instant Gratification – The time lag between different types of physical communication can be long but, with social media the time lag does not exist. A virtual server can be put into a cluster that allows it to stay online at times that a physical machine would not be able to, even during hardware and software upgrades.

Durability – While a magazine goes into print and a mistake can be costly and slow to fix, social media is being altered as I type this … by comments and editing. This allows for fast mistakes but, can also make for quick recoveries. With a virtual machine, you can easily add more RAM, CPU and storage allowing you to save down time and money. So, rather than having an IT person physically go down to the data center for what could end up being a longer outage than planned.

This may be a leap but, it was a fun abstract comparison. Just wait till I try to compare apples and oranges. :)