ipHouse has been a long time sponsor of MinneStar. I was lucky enough to attend two years of MinneBar and so far this year I was able to attend a MinneDemo event as well.

MinneDemo happens two to three times a year and I think this has to be one of the most exciting MinneStar events (although, I have yet to attend MinneBBQ).

As you enter the area of presentations you feel a great surge of energy from the presenters and the crowd. There is an excellent mix of different age groups that attend. The first hour is for networking, eating, and of course – drinking. Once you have had your fill of food and conversation, you head into a medium-sized auditorium to take your seat, wait, and feel the anticipation build.

All of the presenters have a spark that ignites the entire audience sucking them into the presentation.

What are people presenting at MinneDemo?

Presenters show off real, working technology products created locally in Minnesota. One not only feels energy but a sense of pride in our great state!

I am just going to touch on two of the different presenters that I enjoyed wholeheartedly but before I do that I would like to congratulate Code 42 software, the company behind CrashPlan for landing a $52.5M growth capital investment round.

In case you want to catch the entire show there is video footage of the event and more great links on the video page.

Brahmageddon is an iOS game that is a lot like wack-a-mole but, with a spice of Hindu mythology. The company that makes the game, Bust Out Solutions, is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was quite entertaining to watch the game being played and hearing the Hindu music in the background. The graphics are magical and I would love to meet the artist who created the Hindu demons. The game takes on the same effect that Angry Birds.What I mean by this is it is a fast paced game that is easy to understand with a pinch of challenge to keep the players enthralled. It is quite simple and an easy way to acquire entertainment on the go. I could easily see myself playing this game on the bus ride home from work. The audience for the game seems like it would cover all demographics. It was also encouraging that the creators still find the game quite fun to play.

Red Stamp’s presentation takes the quirky, stylish greeting cards that you would buy at say a Paper Source and puts it into a mobile correspondence. It was a pleasure to watch a company that moved with the times and did not just stay in the paper world. I think Red Stamp represents a beautiful evolution in the greeting card. Red Stamp is really catering to the crowd that just does not have time to stop by a store or order a card and have it shipped their way. I think this crowd of busy people is growing and Red Stamp is growing right along with them. It is refreshing to see a company that instead of saying “no we won’t do that” said “hey, we are up to the challenge and can make this happen”.

If you would like a kick in the butt to remember what dreams you used to have and what it is like to strive to make those dreams come true, you should check out MinneDemo.

And again, if you would like to see all the presentations, check out the video footage.