We’ve been putting together a new webhost server this week, to serve as a front-end for customers of our UNIX web hosting services to upload content. When we built the previous server, the only file transfer service we could support with our virtual account system was FTP. But with the march of time, our ability to provide better has improved.

The new webhost server provides both FTP and encrypted SFTP file upload, and basic shell access via SSH for file management. Shell access also enables publishing and managing your content via version control systems like GIT and SVN.

Part of my work on the new server involved reconfiguring the webhost control panel software, which was mostly written years ago. Its always interesting to revisit old projects, to see how the state of the art and your own skills have evolved over the years. In this case, I think I have some better ideas for implementing the control panel better, with better integration with our current account systems and more features for our customers. That’ll be a longer project, though.