LogicMonitor automatically monitors an array of standard information about a web server, from CPU and memory use via SNMP to status and response time for a default HTTP query. If your web server performs a few critical functions, you can also monitor a specific page or service by URI.

To do this, login to your LogicMonitor account and click on the Hosts tab. Click on your web server, then on the More button on the right side of the host pane, and select Monitor a web page. You can also right-click on your web server, and follow the same path.

Host -> More... -> Monitor a web page...

Enter the name of the service and its URI, then click Submit.

Name and URI

LogicMonitor will begin monitoring your service, gathering status and response time information.

Response Time

You can also set up alerts against this information, get notified if a page’s status changes or response time exceeds some threshold. To do this, find the service under HTTP per Page, click on the tool icon, and select Manage Alerts and Thresholds. Set up alerts as you would for any other datasource.