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When it is time to change or update your hosting services, the choice between co-location and cloud services can become overwhelming.

This quick post on how virtualization and physical hosting compare may help you.

Included are hosting costs to host your own physical server the ipHouse data center versus different cloud providers and ipHouse virtualization services.

First 2 rows are hardware from Dell.

I used the PowerEdge T410 as a mid-sized tower with 4 GiB and 12 GiB of RAM respectfully. The per month costs are for a 1/2 rack in the ipHouse Minneapolis, MN data center with 8A of usable power. Monthly costs are hardware divided over 24 months plus the monthly hosting fee. Tax calculated at 7.7% and I assumed no financing fees.

Setup as $0.00 though there are significant setup fees involved when purchasing your own physical server.

vmForge SVPremium424200250$175.00$100.00
vmForge VDCvirtual DC84200250$200.00$0.00
VISICS 3004241001000$335.00$0.00
ilandPay as you go8200250$344.98$0.00
VirtacorePublic Cloud84503000$350.40$0.00
TerremarkvCloud Express84200250$446.74$0.00
1 Persistent storage configured if not included by default
2 Rackspace isn’t clear on storage persistence on the web pages I was reading
3 Physical CPU cores
4 RAID5 built using 3 500 GiB 7200 RPM SATA hard disk drives


http://www.cloudorado.com/ has a configurable pricing model system that will allow you to build your perfect cloud system and then link you to providers with estimated pricing per month.