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VPNs are alive in vmForge VDC

Back in Mid-October Ars Tecnica published an editorial by John C. Welch calling for the death of VPNs. The article promoted the concept that the biggest technical security issue companies and IT departments face is the “lost laptop” problem and that this problem can be solved by keeping sensitive information “in the cloud.”  The editorial made the point that VPNs are cumbersome and overused.

Today Rainer Enders published a rebuttal op-ed in support of VPNs. Mr. Enders argues, in part, that one of the biggest issues facing companies was hackers in general and specifically the protection of all corporate data, both on the systems where it is stored and when it is in transit. As more and more employees work not only from home but from WiFi hotspots in coffee shops, fast food restaurants and hotel rooms around the world, encrypting sensitive information end-to-end has ever-increasing importance.


Why I love vmForge Virtual Data Centers

There have been some posts about the technical side of our new vmForge Virtual Data Center (VDC) product and the hoops and hurdles of VMware’s vCloud Director version 1.5.

What we haven’t talked about too much is what vmForge VDCs look like from the sales side.


Feb 15th, 2011 – Service Outage Executive Explanation

The incident that caused our main virtual server cluster to have an outage last week was fairly technical. Although outage notices and explanations were sent out by our CTO, these were on the technical side.
Here is a more basic explanation in layman’s term of what went wrong and the steps we are taking to prevent a similar incident.


Do you want a Kindle?

ipHouse has been getting out to events more in the past 5 months than we have in the past 5 years. We are having fun meeting customers face-to-face and learning about how you use ipHouse services.

At some of these events we have held a drawing for a free Amazon Kindle. Personally, I have a Kindle and I love it.  Do you folks feel the same way? Do you want a chance to win a free Kindle? Should we be giving something else away? Please send us your opinions and ideas.

Our next event is the 55th Annual Minnesota CPA Tax Conference on November 16th and 17th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  This is a well-organized and educational event put on by the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants. We look forward to seeing you there.

Manage your email with Aliases

Mail aliases allow mail to more than one email address to be delivered to the same mailbox. Large companies use aliases all the time. Now small companies and individuals can as well. All ipHouse mailboxes now include 2 aliases.

If you are a small business with just a couple people, you can use addresses like, and and have all the email delivered to the same one or two mailboxes.

The use of aliases gives your business a more professional look while at the same time making it easier for your customers to remember how to get in touch with you.

Within your mail client, you can setup rules that sort or mark mail differently, depending on the alias it was sent to. If all your billing mail, for example, is in the same folder, it makes it easier for you to read through all of it before you post invoices.

If you are an individual user, aliases can help you track who is selling off your email address. Just setup a couple aliases that you can use when responding to different offers. Then watch to see which of your mail addresses are receiving any unwanted email.

Setting up your aliases is easy. Just go to our customer account management system ipMom and click on Aliases.

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