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Servers Everywhere!

Virtual servers on physical servers? Isn’t that redundant?

I have recently been speaking with a number of customers that express the concern about virtual server redundancy as compared to physical hardware. What an apt opportunity to write a blog post about the difference in redundancies in physical vs virtual servers!

Ask me how we’re doing

Are you like me? Do you hate calling customer care about issues you are having with products? I know from being on both ends of the phone, that it can be pretty rough trying to even reach someone on the other end of the line, then getting to the root of the problem and solving it for that matter.


Why do video games suck now?

I like to think that I play a good number of games. I have been since I received a Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. Over the years I have continued to get the new gaming systems and continued to play. I’ve based my purchases on the appeal of the games and their content, not necessarily the brand or the look.

I was always drawn to the Resident Evil series (the games, not the movies). Not to say that I didn’t pay homage to the classics. The Final Fantasys, Contras, Mega Mans etc. I loved the classics so much that I went as far as purchasing a NES after I had long traded mine just to relive the golden days of gaming.

But therein lies the problem. If technology has gotten much better over the years, why do I have to bother reverting back to older systems with inferior graphics and hardware? I’ll tell you why;

The games of the past kick way more ass than the games of today.


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