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IPv6 – Tech Talk with customers

Last month there was a little concern in the general media about the Internet running out of IP space and some customers contacted us about their concerns. We love energetic customers with questions.  Below is one of our customers’ comment and question:

“Dice predicted that IPv4 IPs would be completely allocated in the next 18 months.  Obviously (if this is true), they are interested in having people know something about IPv6 so they can have such expertise in their job exchange.

Do we as users of ipHouse need to be concerned about hardware, software, other implications of this — DSL, DNS, etc., etc. …”


Power from the masses?

Just a quick note to say that the FCC is on the Challenge bandwagon!  The FCC is enlisting the public to create tools to watch for violations of Net Neutrality.  I think this is a great idea.  If users want an open Internet, the users should make sure it’s open.

Visit to see the details on how you can participate.  Good luck to all the entrants!



Something touched me deep inside.

A few years back our household went nuts for The Saga Begins, “Weird Al” Yankovics version of Don McLeans’ American Pie. My two sons were experiencing Star Wars from the parody department and would sing along with Weird Al for hours on end.  My ears still ring from “Soon I’m going to be a Jedi”.

What’s interesting is that we had bought a Disney CD years earlier with this song on it but it didn’t become popular with my kids until they discovered the song on Youtube. I guess video didn’t quite kill the radio star.


Tell me something good?

The FCC released a report this week that makes me wonder what will happen to broadband wireline services in the next 5 years.  The report, titled “Internet Access Services: Status as of December 31, 2009.”, explains that 68 percent of connections in the US advertised as “broadband” can’t really be considered broadband.

I know that already, tell me something good?

As many of our customers know, our roots are in the Internet access world.  Some of us around here have been doing the online thing since the mid 80’s. (seriously)  If we’ve learned one thing over the last 25 years is that people will consume data for a fixed amount of time.  It’s roughly 4 hours per day.  Anything more than that and we suggest an intervention.


Backscatter the truth by obfuscation.

Well, the pigeons are coming home to roost and the excrement is beginning to fly.

The FCC called Comcast on Monday and was quick to question Comcast about the press release Level 3 issued.  Comcast, in a brilliant move, is trying to turn this entire matter into a peering dispute.  In a letter Comcast sent to the FCC (PDF of the letter), Comcast claims that Level 3 is becoming a CDN and is inappropriately using their peering relationship with Comcast.   Comcast further claims “Level 3 would more than double the amount of traffic it sends to Comcast – which would result in a traffic imbalance that could be in the range of about 5:1.”  As I said in my previous post, when you serve a large number of end users, there will be a traffic imbalance.  Their estimated ratio isn’t far off from what we experience today.  What does Comcast expect?  Fully balanced traffic?

Comcast readily admits that the Netflix traffic was on the Comcast network before the agreement between Level 3 and Netflix.   If the traffic was already there, why is Comcast so upset that Level 3 is delivering Netflix content versus the old method (whatever that was)?  I think I know…


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