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Common confusion between DNS and web configurations

There is always confusion about what DNS does and what it doesn’t do. In particular, I see constant reference to DNS functions mixed up with web server functions, and vice-versa. Hopefully this post clarifies things a bit to separate what DNS does and what web servers handle.

Juniper JunOS Learning Opportunities

If you wanted to learn how to use Juniper networking gear, and especially get some exposure to JunOS, their network OS based on FreeBSD that you need to configure almost all the Juniper devices with, there are many free or reasonable learning options available.


Lesser known DNS entries

While the majority of people know about A, CNAME, and MX records, DNS actually has many dozens of types in common use, and many more dozens of faded historical use that aren’t used at all.

What is a WiFi Controller?

WiFi controller solutions have become pretty popular for Enterprises lately. Some of the benefits of why you would want them are.

  • Centralized management over several to many access-points.
  • Unified access policies.
  • Ease of deployment.
  • Rogue AP scanning for PCI/DSS compliance.

Debugging IPSec VPNs in FortiGate

Debugging IPSec VPNs in FortiGate

Debugging what is going wrong with a VPN setup is difficult. The IKE protocol is “chatty”, and negotiates back and forth between the two ends for several rounds. The GUI offers not much help, it is either¬† UP or Down. Most of the real debugging happens inside the CLI.

One problem in particular that has always bugged me is that you need access to the end machines involved to initiate traffic across the link. The network admin typically doesn’t have direct access on the computers on either side of the VPN in order to initiate that traffic. I’ll show you a method that can be used to initiate traffic from that network as well.

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