WordCamp MSP 2010

The snow that started early Saturday morning was a killer. I am not one for driving in general and winter driving especially but, I was going to make it to WordCamp MSP at the Best Buy Headquarters no matter what. I was not alone, there was an excellent turn out for WordCamp even though the snow was a raging beast.


She’s Geeky unConference

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend She’s Geeky, an unConference targeting women in the fields of Science, Math and Technology. ipHouse was one of the corporate sponsors for She’s Geeky and I was very curious about what these tech women would have to say. I had been to Minnebar a couple months ago and found it very interesting. At Minnebar, a lot of the sessions were set up online before the unConference started and people were able to choose if they would want to present or just be an observer (observers do participate heavily though). We were then able to see what our options for sessions were, before even attending.

She’s Geeky was set up similar to Minnebar’s unConference except that sessions and presentations were created at the conference instead of in advance.  I was very impressed by the subject matter and thought that there were some very intriguing topics to be discussed. The way Heidi Nobantu Saul organized the unConference made the day very relaxed and open to learning in an intimate format.

The first session that I attended was about the book and way of life called, “Getting things Done” by David Allen. I had never heard of this process and I was quite intrigued. Basically, what I learned from the discussion (which Meghan Wilker hosted) was that in our daily lives there are tons of missed opportunities to get things done because of procrastination and poor time management. I have always felt like the lists are swirling around in my brain and they do not ever get to where they are supposed to go, completely. This is why, as I was listening to Meghan explain the system of getting things done and what she has learned from David Allen, my eyes widened and I was saying to myself (maybe out loud) “there is a way to get things done?”. I actually went out and purchased the audio book today because I was just so taken with the method of time management. Meghan went through and showed us how she goes about organizing and using custom lists/folders to prioritize. I can not help but think this is a little intense, never the less, I want to try it for myself.

Another interesting session that I chose to attend was that of entrepreneurial women. The session leader was Jacque Urick. Jacque has just started a gaming company, designed for women. She herself is a gamer and thinks that companies are not targeting women like they should be. Jacque had some very useful stories, both horrific and encouraging. A lot of women in the session were freelancers, start ups or had an amazing idea and did not know where to start. Through out this session, I heard a lot of wisdom from women who have been trailblazers in fields that overall, are still male dominated. These women have hard shells and are ready to take on the world. (I did not realize coming in, just how many lawyers are involved in taking on the job of owning an idea, system or product, as well as funding it!) I felt extremely inspired and the recommendations that the different women gave will always be immensely appreciated. I think that those that shared their stories helped others seek an inner strength to do something they believe in.

The unConference was a true success and I met so many amazingly smart and talented women. I was pleased that ipHouse sponsored this event and that I was able to attend!

An Evening with Brian Solis

Last week I went to listen to Brian Solis speak about Social Media. I would like to call this event “An Evening with Brian Solis”.

Brian Solis entered from the left side of the stage and began setting up his Mac Book Pro for slide show mode. He began by entertaining the idea that relations instead of relationships are the way of the future. When one forms a thin bond with someone else on the web because of a common interest or “like” that they share, any sort of relationship has turned to a relation. The thing that is so interesting about this thin, almost stretched out bond is that we would never have associated with this other person if it was not for social media. We have crossed thresholds and passed over prejudices that we once held to share an interest (there for a bond)  with someone across the globe.

For over a decade Brian has been finding these bonds and then helping companies benefit from them. He takes what people are interested in, what they are searching for and compiles that information to help them find you (or your business). In turn, the business or person has created more bonds and it has given the people that are interested in that subject, product or whatever a bit of a surge because it is something new.


Do you want a Kindle?

ipHouse has been getting out to events more in the past 5 months than we have in the past 5 years. We are having fun meeting customers face-to-face and learning about how you use ipHouse services.

At some of these events we have held a drawing for a free Amazon Kindle. Personally, I have a Kindle and I love it.  Do you folks feel the same way? Do you want a chance to win a free Kindle? Should we be giving something else away? Please send us your opinions and ideas.

Our next event is the 55th Annual Minnesota CPA Tax Conference on November 16th and 17th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  This is a well-organized and educational event put on by the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants. We look forward to seeing you there.

ipHouse Sponsors MPR PublicRadioCamp

This past Saturday, July 12th, ipHouse sponsored PublicRadioCamp with Minnesota Public Radio. The event was held at the UBS Forum at MPR in downtown St. Paul. The goal of the event was to corroboratively remix and mashup MPR’s content, data, audio, and meta-data. ipHouse’s Eric Snyder joined the public, MPR employees and Jon Gordon of Future Tense in finding innovative new ways to use MPR’s resources.


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