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Denial of service attacks suck

I said it, you read it, hope you aren’t offended.

ipHouse has 3 1Gbps links to the Internet connected to two routers and from there enters our core network at gigabits per second speed.

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FCC approves Net Neutrality Rules

You can find a ton of information all over, I’ll include links below for a few sites with commentary.

My comments are such…

I am VERY happy to see that something is going on to shake up the industry who seems hell bent on making the Internet not the Internet any further. The Internet is a collection of networks with data passing between them. It is not about having separate islands with explicit permission required to do X and Y or even to access Z. It is about cooperation and equality.

I am VERY sad to see that it is requiring government intervention to enforce a fair playing field for all networks and content/service providers. I’d have thought we were all adults, that pissing in the communal pool was considered bad form, that what is good for everyone is also good for business. I could be wrong.

I am not saying that these telecom companies need to give things away for free. I am not saying they should allow wonton abuse of their networks (based on reasonable definitions of abuse). I am saying that if I wish to use Skype (referenced in multiple articles) to call my friend, that I should be able to use Skype to call my friend. If I wish to use BitTorrent (the protocol, though I did the caps to give homage to the company) to move legal data around, I should be able to do so unhindered. If i want to watch television over the Comcast cable Internet network from NetFlix, then please, stay out of my way and don’t impose restrictions because you (Comcast) sell television service. (and let’s reference my old article on Comcast and the arbitrary byte caps)

Cheers FCC, sorry you had to be involved, hopefully once things are playing well you can remove your fingers and we people (businesses and consumers) can play in the park without supervision.

Boo on telecom companies who think they should control what I can and can not do or try to tell me what I can and can not access over my devices.

And the promised links:

My google query is here.

Comcast implements bandwidth cap, network still sucks

Yah, I am a Comcast Internet subscriber.  No I do not love it, nor do I hate it.

Personal Opinion: I don’t mind a 250GB cap – I can live with that…I hope.

Subjective Opinion: But some of their numbers do not make any sense to me.

If you view their FAQ on the bandwidth capping, they may not have investigated what their users might use the Internet for or their data is based on the Internet of 2001.  UPDATE: Check out their new data usage meter information

  • Send 50 million emails (at 0.05 KB/email)
  • Download 62,500 songs (at 4 MB/song)
  • Download 125 standard-definition movies (at 2 GB/movie)
  • Upload 25,000 hi-resolution digital photos (at 10 MB/photo

Okay, so you look at the numbers – and wonder…

Email of .05KB is… 1024 * .05 == 51 bytes.  Who sends a 51 byte message?  The headers alone are larger than 51 bytes.  Is my math broken?  My email address with my name included is 36 bytes alone.


4MB song?  At what bitrate?  Checking my iTunes library the majority of items I have ripped from my CD collection is closer to 6MB per song using AAC and variable bitrate encoding.  Looking at Moby’s Play album (owned and ripped), the songs range in size from 2.1MB (Guitar Flute & String) to 6.7MB (The Sky is Broken).  Who listens to 128Kbps MP3s anymore?  Eeek!

Movies?  Oh my, you may want to continue reading where I give my (obviously) subjective views on this topic.

And photos at 10MB per photo.  Wow.  My Canon EOS-20D (8MP) is 7MB each.  My buddies 5D (12MP) is 11MB each.  My wife’s new Canon SD770IS (10MP) is 4.2-5.3MB each.  Most people I know don’t have photos of this size (in MB, not resolution).  Their math works, but only on the broken assumption that the photos really are 10MB in size.  This is the area where they actually overestimated in my opinion.

Complaint and possible solution to negative commentary: How about Comcast implements this new cap, and fixes their network so I no longer have to deal with subpar performance at any time of the day.  I regularly get approximately 4-4.5Mbps while I pay for 8Mbps.  Ignore that PowerBoost Technology, that’s just junk.  Sure, I have downloaded at the full bandwidth I have purchased, and downloaded for a long time at that sustained rate.  But I don’t normally get said speeds, and time of day doesn’t matter.  This has been tested via my firewall (Fortigate 60) and direct connecting of my laptop (a Mac Book Pro) and my workstation (Mac Pro).  Can be frustrating sometimes, but then it is time to just walk away and go check out the big blue room – scary stuff if you ask me.

Continue reading to see more of my (possibly broken) math dealing with television and movies and why the cap could hurt real people.

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Save a tree, don’t print this email!

Update March, 2012: This blog entry has received a lot of hits over the last few years. Thanks! I mostly stand by everything I wrote in this message from August 2008 except the Kindle has really taken off and I have gotten used to it. I still read faster from paper and books but the Kindle is much easier to lug around though using it for reference material is extremely difficult. I still receive emails with these stupidly huge signatures and graphics telling me to save a tree and it is still as moronic today as it was in 2008. I’m glad my fellow ipHouse employees don’t do this.

I have been seeing this more and more from the company contacts/marketers/sales persons that email me as part of their 20 line signature (with 3-5 graphics, including the words listed in the subject of this post…as a graphic with a leaf on the left or right).


First – I have only met a few people that print their emails regularly, and they are lawyers. No, this isn’t a slam on lawyers, it is as I said, the only people I have seen that print emails regularly are they. I don’t know anyone in the IT field (even myself in the service provider field) print emails to read.

Second – if you don’t want your content printed, why do you send 190 page PDF/Word/HTML documents to me for consideration? Do you really expect me to read your content on a computer screen? Do you realize that reading things on a screen is a lot more exhaustive on the eyes than reading on paper? Even with the Amazon Kindle (and others) electronic-paper, books are still the preferred medium for reading for entertainment and learning. I also find I read far faster on paper than on screen. I don’t know why. And I have less eye strain.

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