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FCC approves Net Neutrality Rules

You can find a ton of information all over, I’ll include links below for a few sites with commentary.

My comments are such…

I am VERY happy to see that something is going on to shake up the industry who seems hell bent on making the Internet not the Internet any further. The Internet is a collection of networks with data passing between them. It is not about having separate islands with explicit permission required to do X and Y or even to access Z. It is about cooperation and equality.

I am VERY sad to see that it is requiring government intervention to enforce a fair playing field for all networks and content/service providers. I’d have thought we were all adults, that pissing in the communal pool was considered bad form, that what is good for everyone is also good for business. I could be wrong.

I am not saying that these telecom companies need to give things away for free. I am not saying they should allow wonton abuse of their networks (based on reasonable definitions of abuse). I am saying that if I wish to use Skype (referenced in multiple articles) to call my friend, that I should be able to use Skype to call my friend. If I wish to use BitTorrent (the protocol, though I did the caps to give homage to the company) to move legal data around, I should be able to do so unhindered. If i want to watch television over the Comcast cable Internet network from NetFlix, then please, stay out of my way and don’t impose restrictions because you (Comcast) sell television service. (and let’s reference my old article on Comcast and the arbitrary byte caps)

Cheers FCC, sorry you had to be involved, hopefully once things are playing well you can remove your fingers and we people (businesses and consumers) can play in the park without supervision.

Boo on telecom companies who think they should control what I can and can not do or try to tell me what I can and can not access over my devices.

And the promised links:

My google query is here.

Not much to say

Had a very busy week setting up some new customers with managed servers.

I’ll be writing some documents about managed infrastructure in the coming weeks, but you can see one of my old posts that I did on my personal blog months ago to whet your appetite.

Another of the issues that bothers me is large companies sticking it hard to individual users.  A recent Wired article talks about a DMCA takedown notice given to Youtube about a woman who posted her child dancing to a Prince song that was later reinstated on Youtube.  Did Universal go to far?  What is fair use?  You can see the Wired blog titled Universal Says DMCA Takedown Notices Can Ignore ‘Fair Use’.

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