Congratulations to Tegile, whose press release today (picked up on multiple news sites, links below) includes one of the reasons we chose their HA2100EP storage array for our needs: Low latency & high throughput. We also needed iSCSI and F/C for our customers.

ipHouse has a Tegile Zebi storage array in production since March, 2012, and the increase in performance has been noticeable.

ipHouse Deploys Tegile’s Zebi Storage Array – Exciting to see Tegile growing and I’m still happy with my choice in new storage for our VMware clusters.

Newcomer gets out its box, plans to sell it cheaply to all comers

Tegile Selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech Startup

Our vmForge VDC clusters are peaking around 14,000 IOPS and the MASS solution is offloading about 11,500 IOPS via SSD. I wish I could graph this and show it to the public at large but I don’t have a way yet. (those are peaks, average is closer to ~8,000 IOPS with ~6,900 IOPS via SSD)