Basic Configuration

Connection Configuration

Dialup Phone Number

612-344-5525 (Minneapolis / St. Paul area)

Dialup Login
Use your e-mail address and password
DSL Login
Use your DSL username and password
Domain Name
Primary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server
IPv6 Primary DNS Server
IPv6 Secondary DNS Server

E-mail Configuration

Your e-mail address
Incoming (POP3) Server
Incoming (IMAP) Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Server
SMTP Authentication
Required, use your e-mail address and password
Secure Connection (SSL)
Recommended but not required for POP, IMAP, SMTP

USENET News Configuration

News (NNTP) Server   (ports 119, 120, 80, 443, 8000)
Secure Connection (SSL)   (ports 563, 443)
Off-network Access
Login using your e-mail address and password
Off-network access is limited to 4 connections, 1 Mbps per connection


NTP Server