What does ipHouse mean by 99.999% Uptime?

The ipHouse network is monitored aggressively as well as extensively. (For the curious geeks out there, we use Nagios and LogicMonitor.) Our monitoring configuration proactively notifies our engineers and support personnel if it appears that a problem might be developing. If a problem occurs, we can address it quickly and efficiently.

Redundancy is a critical component of of our network design. We can lose a drive, a whole machine or even an Internet connection and our services will remain operational.

We collect a mind-boggling array of statistics on our servers, services, connections and routers. These statistics show us that our core network, our email services and our Internet connectivity actually have a total uptime of 100%. (We put 99.999% uptime on our home page because we didn't think you would believe us if we said 100% uptime.)

If you want to see the performance on our Internet connections then visit our NOC site or our new LogicMonitor interface and review the dashboards of information about our infrastructure.