DSL Pricing

  ipHouse DSL
Price/month: $19.95
Speed: up to 7 Mbps
IP Address: Static
E-mail boxes: 2
USENET Access: On-net and Off-net
Shell Access: Upon request
Personal Web Space: 10 MB Included
DSL service requires special phone service from your phone utilities company. ipHouse prices are valid for automatic billing using a credit card only. DSL is a residential grade service and is not intended for resale. Resale utilizing DSL is prohibited.

CenturyLink DSL Circuit

The following CenturyLink prices are for your reference. CenturyLink and ipHouse bill separately. Our ipHouse Sales Gurus can order the CenturyLink circuit on your behalf, you will not need to contact CenturyLink to start upyour DSL service.

CenturyLink Residential DSL Service

CenturyLink Service Circuit Speeds up to... CenturyLink regular Price/month 1 CenturyLink Promotional Rate 2 (for new CenturyLink DSL customers only, first 12 months)
Download Upload
CenturyLink Connect 256 kbps 256 kbps $15.00 -
CenturyLink Connect Silver 1.5 Mbps 896 kbps $28.00 $25.00
CenturyLink Connect Platinum 3 to 7 Mbps 640 to 896 kbps $38.00 $32.00
Stand Alone CenturyLink Connect Silver 1.5 Mbps 896 kbps $33.00 $30.00
Stand Alone CenturyLink Connect Platinum 3 to 7 Mbps 640 to 896 kbps $43.00 $37.00
  1. CenturyLink prices do not include one-time $9.99 activation fee, modem fees, or taxes.
  2. Promotions are offered by CenturyLink and are subject to their terms and limitations. Promotions may change at any time. Additional promotions may apply, please contact ipHouse sales at 612-337-6320 for more information

DSL Modem

DSL requires a DSL modem. A DSL modem may be purchased or rented from CenturyLink. You may alternately purchase a DSL modem on the open market; however, ipHouse offers technical support only to current DSL modems provided by CenturyLink.