We like to stay active in the local technology community. Here are some of the places, organizations and events we attend and support.

The Minneapolis Area VMware User Group (VMUG) is one of the most active in the nation. Our participation in VMUG enhance our VMware expertise. It gives us a chance to network and share knowledge with other engineers implementing VMware solutions.
vBeers - Twin Cities has laid unsubstantiated claim to being the first regularly scheduled #vBeers in America. Meetings are a great place to chat with local virtualization and storage enthusiasts.
Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange
ipHouse is a founding member of the Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE). MICE improves Internet connectivity and performance and reduces costs by keeping local upper Midwest traffic, local.
Minne* is the tech community getting together to mash up ideas and thoughts, collaborating and demonstrating at MinneBar and MinneDemo. ipHouse continues to be a sponsor to make this community thrive. We'll see you at the next event!
Hack Factory
TC Maker and The Hack Factory are a combined force that gives technologists in the community a place to invent, create, test and explore their ideas. ipHouse is a proud founding sponsor of the Hack Factory! Think about becoming a member today!
KFAI Radio
KFAI is Radio Without Boundaries. KFAI provides a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media and increases understanding between peoples and communities who listen. ipHouse provides generous support of KFAI by providing streaming and hosting solutions for listeners around the world.