Basic Configuration

Connection Configuration

Dialup Phone Number

612-344-5525 (Minneapolis / St. Paul area)

Dialup Login
Use your e-mail address and password
DSL Login
Use your DSL username and password
Domain Name
Primary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server
IPv6 Primary DNS Server
IPv6 Secondary DNS Server

E-mail Configuration

Your e-mail address
Incoming (POP3) Server
Incoming (IMAP) Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Port
587 (to get around other ISP's filter blocks)
SMTP Authentication
Required, use your e-mail address and password
Secure Connection (SSL)
Highly Recommended using START TLS

USENET News Configuration

News (NNTP) Server   (ports 119, 120, 80, 443, 8000)
Off-network Access
Login using your e-mail address and password
Off-network access is limited to 4 connections, 1 Mbps per connection


NTP Server