Operating Systems

ipHouse provides pre-installed and patched operating system for SV series stand-alone virtual servers. They are also available as templates for vmForge Virtual Data Center (VDC) servers. Windows, FreeBSD, or Ubuntu in either 32 bit or 64 bit versions (Windows 2008 Server R2 is 64 Bit only) are available.

If you have your own operating system or need something a bit different, ipHouse can mount your ISO image allowing you to install your own operating system on your SV series virtual server or you can do it yourself within your customer-managed vmForge VDC. Customer-provided and installed operating systems cannot be managed by ipHouse. Talk with our Sales Gurus for full details.

Not sure what Operating System you need? Our sales staff and engineers can help you choose the right OS for your project. Give us a call at 612-337-6320 or 1-877-337-6320 Toll Free and put our knowledge to work for you.

Microsoft Windows Server


ipHouse is a Microsoft Partner and offers both Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. See the table below for full listing of versions.

Windows Server 2008 expands the existing Windows Server technology and adds new features to enable IT professionals to increase the reliability and flexibility of their server infrastructures. New Web resources, user management enhancements help save time, cut costs, and provide a platform for a dynamic and efficiently managed data center. Powerful tools such as Internet Information Services (IIS) version 7.5, updated Server Manager and Windows PowerShell version 2.0 combine to give customers greater control, increased efficiency and the ability to react to front-line business needs faster than ever before.

Standard Enterprise
Release 32 Bit 64 Bit 32 Bit 64 Bit
Windows Server 2003 R2 x x x x
Windows Server 2008 x x x x
Windows Server 2008 R2 N/A x N/A x

Ubuntu Linux


ipHouse offers Ubuntu Linux in both 32 bit and 64 bit modes. Ubuntu Linux is a commercially sponsored Debian derived Linux distribution that focuses on usability.

Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It includes all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.



ipHouse offers FreeBSD Unix in both 32 bit and 64 bit modes.

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system for modern server, desktop, and embedded computer platforms. FreeBSD's code base has undergone over thirty years of continuous development, improvement, and optimization. FreeBSD provides advanced networking, impressive security features, and world-class performance and is used by many of the world's busiest web sites and pervasive embedded networking and storage devices.