VDC Base Configuration and Options

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Base configuration

Resources Included Upgrade Increments and Options
RAM 10 GiB 5 GiB
CPU 6 GHz 3 GHz
Storage 200 GiB 200 GiB
Transfers 200 GiB 200 GiB
Connectivity Direct Connection or VMware vShield Edge Fortigate Firewall (unmanaged) or Fortigate Firewall (managed)
Network Size /29 routable IPs + 3 private, internal networks /28, /27, /26, /25, or /24 routable IP networks available
Server Management Self Managed server and O/S ipHouse Server Management (per OS)
Data Backup Customer managed data backup CrashPlan PROe Backups
Server Monitoring Customer managed monitoring LogicMonitor System Monitoring (per server)
We have compiled some specific examples. If you have a setup that you already enjoy and want to discuss how you can recreate that same environment with ipHouse then please contact us.
  • 200 GiB of transfer per month included, additional blocks are 200 Gib each.
  • IPv6 networking available for direct connect and Fortigate connected networks.
  • Direct connections do not include any firewall services. Virtual firewall can be deployed and maintained by customers within their VDCs.
  • Internal networks are private networks allowing connectivity between your virtual servers for your internal and private communication needs.
  • IP address assignments must follow ARIN guidelines (generally 1 IP per server or per SSL certificate).
  • IP address blocks can only be assigned during initial VDC provisioning.
  • Server management requires ipHouse to provide and install OS.
  • CrashPlan PROe backups are upgradeable to multi-destination storage with equal allocations of storage in each location.