Multihomed Connectivity

ipHouse maintains multiple, high-speed GigE connections to top national data networks. We provision our network and connections with the overhead needed to easily handle the excess traffic created by today's successful, viral promotional campaigns.

Smart Routing

We maintain our connections to Level3, Hurricane Electric, TW Telecom, and the Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE) with full BGP routing. Traffic to and from your server will always take the fastest path and will automatically re-route around congestion.

Core Reliability

Getting to and from ipHouse is only part of the equation. Once your traffic is on our core network it benefits from the stability and reliability of our machines and internal routing. We engineer our network, vmForge cloud platform, email, and web hosting services for responsiveness and reliability with better than 99.999% Uptime.

Secure your business

Choose ipHouse as your Internet provider and know that no matter what is happening at any given spot on the map, your business will have fast, reliable connectivity.