vmForge Virtual Data Center

Unmatched reliability and flexibility, in a scalable private cloud.

vmForge Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) are custom-configured pools of dedicated RAM, CPU, and persistent storage. Starting at just $300 per month, vmForge VDCs support multiple, fully independent virtual servers. Add resources when you need them. Create your own templates for rapid deployment of servers customized for your business goals.

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vmForge VDC Advantages

Superior for Business Planning

  • Predictable billing. Easy to understand monthly invoicing.
  • Ideal for test environments. Nothing beats the ability to run multiple, distinct systems concurrently for testing out new services or code. Reduce total test time while improving the thoroughness of your tests. Test on fully isolated servers, identical to your production servers, in the same environment used for your production platform. When done, shut down the virtual machines and leave them ready for later testing.
  • Deploy fully customizable servers in minutes

    • Rapid server deployment. Many operating systems, including Windows, install faster on VMware virtual servers than on bare hardware.
    • Ready to use server templates. ipHouse server and service templates speed your deployments while reducing your need for in-house admin expertise.
    • Create your own templates. Create you own catalog of server, multiple server, and application templates for fast and consistent future deployments.

    Easily expandable

    • Scalable production networks. Need another server to handle web services? Deploy one quickly. Load recovered? De-provision unneeded servers and store them in your catalog for later re-deployment.
    • Right-sized, high-performance storage. Only pay for the storage needed by your servers now. Easily add storage to your servers as your business grows.
    • Add resources as needed. Easily and rapidly add RAM and CPU, in the amount needed, for the virtual servers that need them. You control your resources.

    Secure, Reliable and efficient

    • High-Availability. Stay online with automatic failover capabilities on multiple front-end physical servers combined with enterprise-grade backend NAS storage.
    • Increased computing, capital, and human resource efficiency. Our VMware-based virtual machines allow you to balance workloads and allocate resources to meet almost any business demand.
    • Improved server resource utilization. Pool RAM and CPU for all your virtual servers, allocating and committing as needed. Reduce the waste of resources found in typically overbuilt physical servers while improving efficiency and performance.
    • Reliable Internet bandwidth. By the byte (transfer) or by the Mbps, ipHouse provides you with high performance bandwidth via multiple, bonded 1 Gbps connections.
    • Independent servers. VMware keeps your vmForge VDC and servers isolated from other customers' virtual servers on the same hardware. Your servers and resources will remain at full force no matter how much load their servers are under.
    • Protected. Your vmForge VDC can be connected directly to the Internet or protected according you your specifications either behind a VMware vShield Edge device or a Fortigate firewall.

    How much can a vmForge VDC help your organization? Read about the savings one of our customers experienced when they moved from physical hardware to our vmForge VDC service. Colo to Virtual Data Center Success - January, 2012



    As an Enterprise VMware Service Provider Partner, ipHouse has the knowledge and licensing to provide you with the virtualization solution that is right for your business.