Enterprise Hosting and HIPAA Compliance

Enterprise Hosting gives you the security you need and delivers unparalleled HIPAA compliance. Customized hosting platforms work wityh your business and protect your critical information. When maintained by our staff, Enterprise hosting lets you focus on the results of your business, as it should be.

Secure, Flexible, Powerful and Reliable

  • Ideal for your own private cloud hosting solution.
  • Experienced engineers backed by a smart, responsive support team make sure your server deployment is done the right way.
  • Dell server hardware has a proven reliability record allowing you to rest easy.
  • Servers can be upgraded as your needs change. Save on today's IT costs while positioning your company for tomorrow's growth.
  • Enterprise-quality NAS or Tegile SAN storage protect your data from the costly consequences of single disk failure.
  • Local RAID storage options available for customized, customer-managed platforms.
  • Superior connectivity with 10GigE direct connections to top national backbones.
  • 24x7x365 emergency access to senior engineers
  • Optional operating system management services
  • True Fortigate hardware firewall protection

ipHouse Managed Servers and Firewalls

Want more than just hardware management? As an add-on service ipHouse engineers can install and managed the OS(s) on your servers and deploy a managed Fortigate firewall to protect your Enterprise platform. With an ipHouse managed server, we have full responsibility for the hardware, OS software patches and updates.

ipHouse server management comes with peace of mind. Under your direction, ipHouse will administer all user accounts, directories and permissions, freeing you to concentrate on your business. Maintenance of your server(s) will be done with the same care and attention to detail that gives our network one of the best uptimes in the industry.

Customer-Managed Servers

ipHouse-owned machines are deployed according to your requirements and then released to your IT specialists, who will have full administrative access and responsibility for OS, software management, and maintenance. To facilitate any hardware issues or upgrades, ipHouse maintains control of the hardware without any administrative or user access to the machines. Customer-managed servers are an ideal solution for organizations with the capability and/or requirements for complete administrative control of their colocated servers.

Optional Extras

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff for more information or to order.   612-337-6320 ; 877-337-6320   sales@iphouse.net