Data Backup

We all know that disasters occur. While you can try to prevent a disaster, the best way to protect yourself from disaster is to buy insurance. You can insure yourself from data disasters by performing regular data backups. We give you two easy ways to back up all your organizations data. With ipHouse, your backups can be scheduled to run automatically at any time you desire. Data replication is easy: no media or tapes to deal with, just set the schedule and you’re done.

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Life insurance for your data

Online data backups are more secure and reliable than traditional local backup solutions. If your computers or data are affected by natural disaster, power failure/surges, viruses, vandalism, theft, human error, etc., your in-house backup will likely suffer a similar fate.

Two methods, one result

Data backup is available in two flavors, a file level backup, where individual files or directories can be backed up via CrashPlan PROe, and a full system (bare metal) backup that makes a snapshot of the entire server via Veeam. ipHouse offers both solutions, tailoring the system to fit your exact requirements.

Cost effective

For a few dollars per month, you can replicate your data to our secure data storage array. Gain peace of mind by knowing that your data is safe, secure and always available. We can also automatically replicate your file level data to one of secondary offsite storage arrays. In addition to having immediate recovery, your data can be stored in multiple locations.

Quick file recovery

In the event you need to restore your data, simply copy the files back. Your data is always available, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. You can recover a single file, a group of files or an entire server in a matter of minutes.

ipHouse data backup service advantages

  • Implemented and stored on dedicated hardware owned and managed by ipHouse - you know where your data is stored!
  • Initial backup service can be "seeded", avoiding the initial hump of getting your data into the backup regimen.
  • Integrate data backups into your local workstations with CrashPlan PROe. This service unifies server, workstation, and laptop backups into an easy-to-use turnkey solution to reduce administrative headaches and ease disaster recovery issues across platforms.
  • Backups are done to a single location only, file level backups are upgradeable to multi-destination storage with equal allocations of storage in each location.
  • Additional storage added in 100 GiB blocks per destination.

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